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Italian and Sicilian Cuisine at Perth Cafe in Australia

Portorosa Café

93 Market St, Fremantle (08) 9430 6126 A taste of Italy right in the heart of Fremantle is exactly what Portorosa Café has to offer. The café specializes in Italian, particularly Sicilian cuisine. It is not only the food…

Great Foods from Perth Cafe in Australia

The Beaufort Street Merchant

488 Beaufort St, Perth (08) 9328 6299 It’s impossible not to notice The Merchant as you walk along Beaufort Street. Even from the outside you get the smell of the yummy goodies you can indulge in a foodie whim….

Best Breakfast Meals at Perth Cafe in Australia

Moore & Moore

46 Henry St, Fremantle (08) 9335 8825 If you want scrambled eggs for breakfast, you will not be disappointed if you go to Moore & Moore. This is because everything here is cooked in a kitchen that does not…

Finest Coffees at Perth Cafe in Australia

Taylor’s Art and Coffee House

510 Great Northern Hwy, Middle Swan 0447 441 223 The big difference that you would surely appreciate in Taylor’s Art and Coffee House is its well-designed interior. As its name implies, it does have an arty feel even in…

Everything from the Kitchen at Perth Cafe in Australia

Ootong and Lincoln

258 South Terrace, South Fremantle (08) 9335 6109 Everything that you may want to enjoy eating in Ootong and Lincoln are made right in its very kitchen. You may think that the jam comes from somewhere but even this…

Finest Breakfast at Perth Cafe in Australia

Who’s Your Mumma

142 South Terrace and Wray Ave, Fremantle You may find it hard to imagine how breakfasts and bars could be together. However, this is what exactly happens at Who’s Your Mumma. It is here that breakfast meals are prepared…

Great Food, Great Place at Cafe Perth in Australia

Wild Poppy

2 Wray Ave, Fremantle (08) 9430 8555 One cannot miss Wild Poppy if one – or two – happens to be walking along Wray Avenue. This is because of the unique and modern look of its exterior. But the surprise…

Freshly Baked Goodies at Cafe Perth in Australia

Pizzaca Caffe

161 Gildercliffe St, Scarborough (08) 9341 1288 www.Pizzaca-Cafe Pizzaca Caffe is unique in the fact that it is not famous at all for its coffee but for its pizza and other food fares. This is precisely the reason why people…

Coffee Treats for Coffee Lovers at Perth, Australia

Elixir Coffee Specialists

45A/145 Stirling Hwy, Nedlands (08) 9389 9333 If coffee is what you come to a café for, then when you are in Perth, make sure to try Elixir Coffee Specialists. It is here that you would certainly get a…

Some Quiet Time in Perth Cafe in Australia

Dome Café-Maylands

219/221 Railway Parade, MaylandsPh: 08 9271 0239 Dome Café is a favorite among local families in Perth. It is also the chosen haunt of friends or even of those who want to dine alone in the quiet. The restaurant…