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Welcome to PerthCafes.com.au a new website focussed on the best cafes in beautiful Perth.

Perth’s cafes have come a long way since I arrived in WA in 1988 when a salad was a piece of lettuce with sliced tomato and some mayonnaise out of a bottle from the supermarket.

It’s been a wonderful foodie revolution around Australia this last quarter of a century.

Our policy with PerthCafes.com.au is, we believe, a little bit revolutionary too thanks to the communal possibilities of the social media and digital age.

Thanks to these innovations, food industry folks will no longer need to spend vast sums of money on magazine or newspaper advertising – by forging a new way of doing things, savings can be passed onto the cafe & restaurant-loving punter – the result is Perth people will be able to dine out more than ever before.

Social media has been massively adoptive of food culture to a point that’s almost embarrassing. The cliche of instagramming one’s lunch continues unabated and it’s this collective spirit which now enables cafe, restaurant & bar owners to connect with their fans and foodies in a new spirit.

Save your advertising spend dear Perth cafe, restaurant & bar owners (and hospitality suppliers) and instead join us in promoting yourself for free.

We and our social media friends will promote you on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Linked In, Path, WeChat, and on this foodie website along with a growing number of others, in exchange for your co-operation & loyalty to the collective foodie good.

Connect with us on our Contact Us page & let’s talk about how digital media can now eliminate the marketing spend for all food companies in Perth – this will truly mean a glorious outcome – cheaper prices for the consumers, bringing them out to eat more often and thereby re-stimulating Perth’s social culture.

Our connection is already growing fast. I hope you’ll join us. It’ll cost you nothing, and will just keep on giving.

Stewart Dawes
Founder of PerthCafes.com.au / Westcoastcafes.com.au / Sydneycafes.com.au / BrisbaneCafes.com.au / AdelaideCafes.com.au & publisher of over 120 other digital media websites.