Kimberley River 4WD 24/7 Video In Australian Travel At Its Best


The Kimberley is so close to the wet season we are getting rain & battling floodwaters. This isn’t just home valley station or el Questro, this is the Oombulgurri track in the remote part of the Kimberley, with Shaun Whale and the Dirty 30, Graham in the D-MAX, Tim from MITS Alloy in his 79 LandCruiser, Rocket is back plus Jesse wheeling a Ford Ranger Raptor to Kalumburu.

Reasons Why Australia’s Kimberley Travel At Its Best

A luxury cruise to the Kimberley in Western Australia takes you to a primordial land that remains pristine and relatively untouched. Stretching roughly 163,000 square miles (423,000 square kilometers), from the Indian Ocean in the west to the edge of the Northern Territory in the east, with southern boundaries marked by the Tanami and Great Sandy Deserts, it’s a place where travelers can indeed get back to nature. You’ll be the sole car on the dusty road for hours at a time and one of only a handful of people hiking the path to the varied attractions in the Kimberley a refreshing waterhole, scenic gorge, or majestic waterfall. The Canning Stock Route is another fantastic West Aussie adventure, It’s a place where you can get away from it all and take time to appreciate the natural wonders of the Australian wilderness.

Whether you’re exploring this vast region overland, along the Gibb River Road, or taking the less-traveled yet more adventurous route along the coastline by sea, the best way to see Kimberley’s myriad wonders is by immersing yourself in this stunning and remote part of Australia.

Kimberley River 4WD 24/7 Adventure

4WD 24/7 test everything, It’s fairly seasoned in the Kimberley, the water is hot, the rivers full of Crocs and the tracks will push all-wheel drives to their very limit right there your mind right now. Sketchy is a way to take on a once-in-a-lifetime mission, and that’s to attempt to reopen one of Australia’s most remote four-wheel drive tracks. The old Gary track. A single wet season can one distract off the map. But thanks to the global pandemic. It hasn’t been driven in nearly two years. This is. So, people were on the head of our slides for 15 days, possibly, and off the map. No CMOS, no parks, no phone reception, and no resupply. 

To be honest, this is real, that’s pushed through hundreds of kilometers of extreme low right as they try to put a trackback on the map very iconic moment like still get a big smile on their face. 4WD 24/7 Crosstown adventure begins and writes about people buy their first home in the Kimberley couldn’t be more excited and also even more consumer demand for video due to TikTok. Not long at rocket right gonna be back.

Install the year as well or the beginning of the pay the cost, itself, is a bucket list destination for many four-wheel drivers, but to 4WD 24/7 team, this is just the road into the start of their journey for this trip, shows behind the wheel, and is reborn, dirty 30 Mach two, the new eyes Zuzu Demyx, which just fitted with 33-inch tires. Tim and Eric for Mitch alloy, are willing a single cab 79 While rockets in his auto-converted cruiser towing a maverick Ranger forward fold camper. But there’s one more face in the convoy. 4WD 24/7 very own missing guru, Jesse Gleason, who somehow managed to swap the keys of Darrell, there’s something a little more sophisticated in the Goodyear truck. 

The oboe Gary track is about as remote as any track gets starting of the back of home belly station and winding its way over 500 kilometers through, the heart of the Kimberley and back to the dirt nickel lumber route with the closest thing to civilization being the ruins of the former township of Bumble Gary. 4WD 24/7 team first objective about 90 kilometers into this track. But first up they’ve got a meet-up with Ronnie, he and his family are the traditional owners in this area, and Ronnie’s invited 4WD 24/7 to help try and get the track open.

Surely, Kimberley in Australia is an adventure experience you’ll never forget!