Cimbalino Napoleon Street in Cottesloe

Cimbalino Napoleon Street in Cottesloe

An original Napoleon Street Cafe deeply embedded in Perth’s premier beachside suburb Cottesloe, Cimbalino is the foodie destination which seems most adapted to the palates of the Cottesloe and Claremont establishment.

Head chef Jarod Haynes’ menu is cultivated using fresh, seasonal and locally sourced ingredients to give you honest yet delicious meals, savoury or sweet, seven days a week.

Classic dishes tempt the Western Suburbs glitterati like their compulsively orderable Cimba’s Huevos Rancheros: a perfect mix of spicy tomato sauce, chorizo, a baked egg and finished off with creamy Persian feta. Or their Potato Hash dish pictured below: BBQ pulled pork on a crispy hash brown with poached eggs, green apple and bbq hollandaise sauce (yep, you read it right … bbq hollandaise). It’s back on their menu and it’s a must-swallow!

On the day we visited we loved their Breakfast Bruschetta: bacon, cherry tomato, avocado, Persian feta, poached egg, rocket, ciabatta … divine on a very, very rainy Perth day. Check it out …


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Persian feta – already mentioned twice in this review – makes an appearance in a number of other dishes – it’s the most just-so-2019 version of feta cool. For example in this dish too: Pan Fried Mushrooms tossed with Persian feta, rocket, macadamia dukkah and a perfectly cooked poached egg.

A massive chicken burger appeals to people whose appetites have been swelled by the fresh ocean and air of the spectacular nearby Cottesloe Beach, while a memorable brekky is the Cimba’s Breakfast Quesadilla: chorizo scrambled egg, charred corn pico de Gallo (an amazing salsa), queso fresco (think feta … you might have guessed), avocado and burnt lemon. A must-devour for any brunch aficionado.

“If you’re wondering what makes our coffee taste so good, it probably has something to do with the guys who roast our beans. Our medium roast hails from the best of Central and South American beans with notes of roasted almond, chocolate and caramel fudge. All available for purchase, or let us do the hard work for you!” says one of Cimbalino’s recent Facebook posts, and indeed manager Luke Réti is very proud of the high quality of Cimbalino’s coffee.

“Our house blend has remained consistent over the years,” Luke reveals, “as it’s still roasted by Steve Kenyon who created the Typika coffee brand.

“We continue to do thousands of coffees a week as people can trust that the beans taste the same as six or seven years ago.”

When not putting their beautiful mint green Synesso S300 to use, Cimbalino’s team of five baristas can also whip up a fantastic turmeric latte, as well as Bondi Chai and mostly in the hotter months, some sensationally refreshing milkshakes and smoothies.

Luke also reveals Cimbalino was one of the first cafes “to start coffee culture in Perth”, and the delightful way they keep rolling on, should coffee ever lose its lustre, they’ll remain among the last, as their dedication to decent servings of hearty warm food, classic yet often innovative, means they’ll comfortably be able to operate as an 80-seater cafe for many lazy beachside years to come.

Cimbalino Napoleon Street
Ph (08) 9385 6177
Napoleon St, Cottesloe