Perth Cafés on Social Media

Australia’s fame for having a diversified café culture does not come as a shock. In fact, the “land down under” is among the top coffee consumers in the world. The country’s trendsetting cities such as Perth, Sydney and Australia boast a wide selection of top-tier coffee houses and roasters. Join us as we take a coffee pilgrimage to some of the best cafés in Perth. We will also take a closer look on how these establishments widen their reach and intensify their social media presence.

  • Uncle Joe’s Traditional Barber Shop and Café

After getting your beard trimmed or your hair fixed, enjoy their baked goodies matched with a cup of coffee. Have a warmer winter with their specials such as lamb fore shank with pumpkin purée and vegetable ragu while gulping a bottle of pale ale. With almost 11,000 Instagram followers and 6,800 Facebook fans, Uncle Joe’s update their customer base with reminders on store appointments, delectable photos of food and sweets, and of course, stylish hairstyles for men.

  • Bossman Coffee

Sip your full-bodied coffee while munching freshly baked Greek and Middle Eastern goodies. Most of the content shared on their Facebook page are their cozy interiors, mouth-watering tarts, store updates and everything you can enjoy #LikeABoss.

  • Standing Room Only

They may have a comparatively small Facebook following but the taste of their coffee and treats do come big and with a bang. Most of their recent content focus on advertising their coffee bean products, filters and grinders; Brew Packs that are up for grabs; the cafés team and their activities; and updates from their sister café.

  • Sherbet Café and Bakeshop

Their tasty and inviting cakes and cupcakes attracted more than 6,000 Facebook followers. Sherbet’s customer base were brought up to date with the establishment’s daily posts featuring mostly assorted baked goodies.

  • Sprolo

Sprolo fill in their customers with their new menu launches, events, awards, updates, funny store videos and a whole lot more. No wonder why they had attracted at least 2,500 Facebook fans. Customers can also send queries, post reviews and share their experiences with Sprolo’s service and offerings.

  • Australian Café Management Group

Situated at the heart of Perth, ACM Group serves an array of filtered coffees and espresso blends. Apart from their sandwiches and renowned banana bread, this café is also notable for their unparalleled service. The number of their social media following is also growing. Connect with them on Twitter and share your encounters with their baristas and your foodgasmic experience.